Photoshop vs Sketch

Photoshop Vs Sketch! Which one is more Better?

The debate about Photoshop Vs Sketch keeps on going. There is no way to stop them. Photoshop is still the most commonly used tool for making mockups and all UI designs.

The main purpose of Adobe Photoshop was for the photographers to edit their images, but its compelling feature made it possible to design enhance UI and websites too. It is the hammer tool for the designers. Still, most of the designers consider photoshop as their superior hammer.

Photoshop’s supremacy is finally challenged with the arrival of Sketch. It has become one of the favorite topics of discussion.

Compared to Photoshop, Sketch becomes the easier way of organizing the documents that you have to make revisions on as it has a clean and simple interface.

After discussing this let’s move on the brief differences between Adobe Photoshop and Sketch :

Photoshop vs. sketch infographic

We’ve all got our favorite, but which application is best for web design? Which renders better? Which takes up more space? Which features are missing from Sketch? Which functions can’t Photoshop adapt to?

Both Sketch and Photoshop have their advantages and disadvantages. Both are good in their own way. From the above debate, none of them is proved superior.

Photoshop is still the number one design tool that a designer should master. Photoshop is the mother of all Adobe and web design software. Of course, not all web designers like this. To compensate for its lack of tools, Sketch has a lot of plugins which are comparable to that of Photoshop’s tools, and they have everything covered: from a simple plugin that enables you to swap the border color and fill color to a wide range of content generators.


Let’s see what the different opinions are all over the world for both the designing software:

Both have their pros and cons. The sketch is Faster in design while Photoshop has more advanced features. The sketch is good for wireframes but photoshop is good for scaling web pages. The sketch is easy and wireframing is faster but one should also know photoshop.

Photoshop is probably the most powerful & versatile image editing platform. A sketch is light weighted and has flexible outputs. I have been using a sketch for long times but for picture edits I prefer photoshop.

In short, this debate never ends. Both are superior in their features. It depends on the requirement of the user, which one to use.

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